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How Do You Look after Buffalo Grass?

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If you are planning a major landscaping project and introducing a new lawn, you may be gravitating towards Buffalo grass. If so, you're making a shrewd choice as these grasses are generally felt to be low maintenance and very durable in most Australian settings. But what do you need to know about year-round care to keep your new investment in tiptop shape?


As winter never seems to be too far away, you may wonder how this grass will fare. The good news is that Buffalo grasses are perfectly happy in areas that receive little sunlight, and whereas other species may start to die off in winter conditions, Buffalo should be perfectly happy.

It's best to prepare for winter by using herbicides to get rid of any potential weed infestation, so you can provide the best environment for your Buffalo. Once your grass takes hold, don't cut it too short in the autumn, and it should be perfectly fine throughout the colder months. Just remember to get rid of leaves, branches or other residues as soon as it appears.


In the summer, Buffalo will show its true colours. It is a very tough species that can certainly deal with drought conditions, but you'll want to water according to the grower's recommendations. You need to pay particular attention as the lawn becomes more established in the early days. Thereafter, give it a deep watering on occasion so that the moisture can reach the lower down roots. Make sure that you know the soil composition at your location, as you may need to alter your watering regime accordingly. Your landscaper can advise you so that you always take the best approach.

Hardy Survivor

You needn't worry unduly about your Buffalo grass as it is very hardy and can often bounce back from any trauma. So, if the weather is unbearably hot or you are unable to water for some reason, the grass will naturally protect itself. It may fold its leaves down temporarily until more normal conditions resume.

Regular Care

Just make sure that you maintain your lawn by regularly mowing it. You'll want to control thatch, which can build up towards the base of each blade if you let things get out of hand. Still, never cut the lawn too low, just in case.

Setting Things up

Talk with your landscape expert before you introduce this new lawn. You may need to add certain types of fertiliser onto the bare ground and should follow a strict care regime until mother nature takes over.

For more information on Buffalo turf, contact a professional near you.