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Four Landscaping Trends For 2022

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After being stuck indoors during the Covid19 pandemic for the past couple of years, Australians will be celebrating getting outdoors more in 2022, and that includes focusing on their own backyards. If your yards need a landscaping makeover, you might be wondering what the biggest landscaping trends for 2022 in Australia are. Here are four ideas. 

1. Veggie Patch

Probably the biggest trend in gardening and landscaping in 2022 is a good old-fashioned veggie patch. Veggie patches are having their day in the sun as they are practical, sustainable and can be a fun addition to an outdoor space. With the right landscape supplies, you can have a raised veggie patch to cultivate your own food. Even smaller yards can feature veggie plots as veggie patches are now designed to be off-ground and multi-level, meaning that you can fit a lot into just a small space. Not to mention, mini-greenhouses are now an affordable landscape supply.

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is a sustainable investment, and it's a great way to get kids interested in gardening.

2. Less Lawn

Homeowners are moving away from the traditional lawned yard. Instead, the current landscaping trends point towards gardens, veggie patches and pools. 

Less lawn means that you can spend less time mowing and more time using your yard for hobbies such as flower growing or leisure activities such as swimming.

3. Natural, Wild-Looking Gardens

Wild, natural-looking gardens are a big trend in 2022. This is because the over-pruned, over-styled look is out, and a garden that looks like it just naturally appeared is in.  Now, somewhat counterintuitively, the "wild" look does require a bit of planning and structure, at least at the start. With the help of the right landscape supplies, you can design a space that is contained and well-designed, where wildflowers and gardens can blossom. The upside is that once planted, a wild-looking garden does require less upkeep and pruning, not to mention mowing.

4. Bring In The Birds

Bird gardens and bird feeders are a great addition to a garden and very on-trend with 2022's focus on wild natural-looking gardens. Baths and feeders that will attract colourful birds are one of the most affordable yet eye-catching landscaping supplies there are. 

The above are four big trends in landscaping for Australia in the upcoming year. Talk to a local professional about what landscape supplies you need to get your gardens and yards on trend in 2022.