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Four Crucial Things to Look for When Choosing a Turf Supplier for Your Landscaping Needs

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A lawn is a long-term investment in every home. Some people spend a vast amount of resources and time investing in turf and other landscaping supplies to improve the curb appeal of their outdoor spaces. For this reason, it is worth taking some time to choose a suitable turf supplier for your project. A good supplier ensures you get quality grass, turf fertilisers and other supplies to build a beautiful and long-lasting lawn. Therefore, as you look around, here are four crucial things to look for in your prospective turf supplier.

Interest in Your Landscaping Needs

Find a turf supplier who expresses genuine interest in your landscaping needs. Do they ask essential questions that will help you get the ideal turf for your lawn? Or are they just interested in making a sale? Some of the questions that a good supplier should ask include the following:

  • What are the soil conditions in your area?
  • How do you intend to use your lawn?
  • Are there trees and other structures shading your yard?
  • How reliable is your water supply?

These questions help the supplier to know what turf will perform best in your yard. For example, if you don't have a reliable water supply, they can recommend grass that won't require a lot of water during the growth stages. 

Extensive Knowledge in Landscaping

You also need a turf supplier who demonstrates extensive knowledge of turf supplies. Do they know the common turf varieties in your area? Are they aware of which types perform best under the prevailing climatic conditions? Do they know which grass does best in shaded areas, yards with full sun and in high and low traffic areas? This information will come in handy, especially if you're not well versed in turf varieties. 

Variety of Turf Supplies and Products

Your supplier should offer a variety of turf and turf supplies for residential landscaping. Don't go to a seller who only stocks a few types of grass or one type of fertiliser. They should have the best brands for various varieties and provide roll-size options depending on your project needs. In addition to this, the supplier should also have a range of lawn care products. This will save you from spending a lot of time moving from one supplier to another for supplies.

Delivery and Installation Services

Get a supplier who offers delivery and installation services. Getting a full package from one company can significantly cut down the cost of turf installation. Additionally, you also get to bargain for discounts. Since the supplier knows how best to install the turf, they can offer quality services and guarantee the performance of the new lawn. Some even provide additional services such as lawn care, repairs and returfing.

Have these things in mind when looking for a turf supplier for your landscaping needs!