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What's the Perfect Lawn for Your Home?

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The climate in Australia is unique. The summers can be long and hot, and in the winter the weather can turn cold and icy. These conditions can be challenging for people, but for your lawn, they have the potential to be disastrous. With many varieties of turf, you could find that your lawn looks dry and dead during the summer and then suffers again under the icy conditions in the winter months.

What's the best solution?

To avoid this problem, there has been a lot of effort put into creating grass that will thrive under the Australian climate. There have been several types of grass bred specifically to survive in Australian conditions. Most of these products are types of buffalo turf, which has particular advantages for these conditions.

Why choose buffalo grass?

Buffalo turf is in many ways ideal for Australia. Varieties such as Sapphire buffalo turf have been created to be soft underfoot while still being resilient enough to survive normal wear and tear. Sapphire buffalo turf grows well in the shade while also being able to flourish during hot, dry summers.

Specifically, when you purchase a soft leaf buffalo turf, you should expect that it will possess deep roots which help it to:

  1. Stay green in the winter months
  2. Need less water than some other types of turf
  3. Possess good disease resistance

What does a lawn created from buffalo turf look like?

Your buffalo turf will vary depending on the variety which you choose. If you opt for Sapphire buffalo turf, you should expect your mature lawn to be made of folding leaves that bend tightly at a 90-degree angle along their axis. This lawn design will provide a fine texture that is soft enough to comfortably cross in bare feet.

Maintaining your buffalo turf

Your new buffalo turf lawn should be low maintenance since it is designed to thrive whatever the weather may be. The low watering requirement will make your lawn environmentally friendly and ensure that you are able to comply with any water restrictions which may be in place. Buffalo turf is designed to be a quick recovery grass, so if your lawn does become damaged or start to dry out under extreme conditions, you can be certain that it will recover with the minimum of help from you. Your only maintenance job will be regular the mowing and tidying of the lawn which is always expected with any lawn.