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Which Type of Pavers Is Right for Your Hardscaping Project?

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Looking to do some hardscaping on your residential property? If planned well and executed correctly, the project can increase the functionality and aesthetic value of your outdoor space. This, in turn, will increase the market value of your residential real estate. 

If you've set your mind on using pavers for your paving project, you can easily get overwhelmed with the choices available for you to choose from. Pavers come in an impressive range of materials, patterns, colours and finishes to suit the different needs of different users. 

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing pavers for your landscaping project. 


Although all pavers are designed to withstand daily exposure to outdoor elements, they are not all equally durable, with some failing more quickly than others. The durability of each type of pavers depends on their material composition and properties, as well as the conditions that they are exposed to.

For example, natural stone pavers will outlast their concrete cousins when used in areas that experience a wet climate for the most part of the year. The porous nature of concrete makes them more susceptible to moisture and water seepage than natural stone, making the concrete to deteriorate and degrade faster over time.


The different types of pavers require varying levels of care and upkeep to remain intact and keep looking pristine.

Concrete pavers, for example, will require greater cleaning effort than porcelain and ceramic pavers. Plus, they need to be sealed right after installation and occasionally over the course of their lifespan to prevent premature damage from moisture and water exposure. 

Consider the maintenance demands of the various types of pavers available to you before making a decision on which type of pavers are right for your project.


Like it or not, the appearance of the pavers you install on your landscape is going to affect the visual appeal of the property and the areas that surrounding it.

In terms of aesthetics, nothing compares to the beauty that natural stone pavers provide. These pavers offer unique beauty because no two stones are created equal, thanks to Mother Nature.

The major drawback of natural stone pavers is that they are more expensive to install than other types of pavers. If you want to incorporate the high-end look of these pavers to your landscape but can't afford the high price tag, you can always opt for low-budget replicas, as other types of pavers can be made to mimic the look of natural stone.

When it comes to choosing pavers, there is no right or wrong choice. You need to assess your hardscaping needs and choose a product that matches your project needs and fits your budget. If you need help with choosing pavers for your needs and budget, talk to a hardscaping specialist.