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Places Around Your Home to Install Travertine Stone

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If you want to adorn your home, consider incorporating travertine stone into the decor or landscape. The Collesuum in Rome uses this beautiful substance and is a standing testimony to its strength and beauty. Here are three areas around your home that can benefit from travertine. 

Outdoors Landscape

Travertine pavers can create stunning flooring for a patio, pool deck or pathway. Available in a range of neutral caramels, creams, walnuts, pinks and greys, these pavers can harmonise with various landscapes. Polished honed pavers retain a matte finish, while tumbled versions are matte and textured. Install them around a pool deck for a non-slip surface. Garden beds also benefit from this aesthetic rock; you can create borders and edges around your plants to decorate and add interest. 


For a luxurious, sumptuous feel in your bathroom reminiscent of a Roman spa, cover the floor and walls with travertine. A textured finish provides safe flooring with extra grip. A paver can lay the tiles in a variety of patterns. A French pattern combines four different size tiles, creating a sophisticated look. Alternatively, lay a classic regular pattern of square tiles to show of the appeal of the stone itself. Laying tiles diagonally across the wall creates an attractive diamond design. On the walls, polished tiles shine, giving the impression of a bigger bathroom.


You can spread travertine tiles across the walls and floors in a kitchen also. Because travertine is very durable, it has the integrity to carry foot traffic. However, this stone is porous, so you need to look after it by wiping up spills promptly. Acidic substances—such as lemon, vinegar and some cleaners—can eat into the surface, but sealing helps to protect the tiles.

The tones and veins within travertine fluctuate organically due to the particular minerals within and its origin. While colours and patterns may not be identical, this adds to its uniqueness. Though, some polished tiles contain a resin which fills out holes and evens the tone for a more uniform appearance. 

Travertine is a beautiful stone, which you can incorporate in various places around the home, both inside and out. You can choose textured finishes to create safer flooring, or install polished tiles on walls. With options in shapes sizes and laying patterns, you can personalise the stone to harmonise with your environment. For more information, consider reaching out to local contractors who work with travertine stone.