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Tips for Creating the Perfect Design for Your Garden Project

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Are you new to the world of gardening and looking to discover the right design for your garden? In garden design, there are no right or wrong decisions — only choices. Each choice has its own pros and cons, so it is important that you choose wisely.

With that said, there are some essential tips that you can follow in your quest to create the best garden design for your property. Check them out below.

Create a Design Brief

The first thing you should do is to establish a design brief for your garden project. The brief should address what you intend to achieve with the project.

You will need to be cognisant of all the problems that need to be solved. Spend time thinking about why you're taking on the project and what results you expect to see upon completion of the project.

Capture these as a set of clear, well-defined goals that can be used to measure project success. Specific, detailed statements like 'outdoor dining area that can accommodate ten people with the ground paved with natural stone pavers' will give you a clear and concise overview of the ultimate goal.

Make a Site Plan

Having a site plan for your garden project is essential for visualising how your garden will look once the project has been completed. The plan outlines the location of all the features that you want to be included in your garden. These features may include but are not limited to plants, pathways, pools, patios and so on. You can create and use your own rough sketch of the plan or ask a professional landscape designer to generate it using CAD software. 

Set the Budget

How much can you spend on your garden project without breaking the bank? Creating a completely new garden can be a costly undertaking, especially if you want a modern-style design. 

Avoid design choices that will cost you lots of money to achieve. The desire for extreme accuracy, instant aesthetics and complex shapes will have to be backed with a huge budget. If you are looking to be frugal, choose low-cost design choices that achieve high impact.

A beautiful, well-designed garden is every gardener's source of pride. Whether you decide to hire a professional to help with your garden design or opt to be your own designer is squarely up to you. If you trust your intuition, go ahead and follow it! If you're overwhelmed with the choices and feel the need to hire a pro, then do so. There is no right or wrong approach when it comes to garden design.