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3 Types of Grass That Are Tough Enough to Survive Dry Summers

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Recent dry conditions across Australia have left many people wondering how they will adapt their lawn to what could be a new reality. Are lawns still possible in a world where climate change makes the temperature rise and restricts the watering capabilities? Luckily the answer is still yes because many turf supplies have been adapted to meet this specific demand. If you are considering returfing your lawn and want to know which turf supplies you should order then here are three you can start from.

1. Zoysia

Zoysia is renowned the world over for having extremely tough characteristics while maintaining a great green surface. This is due to several reasons, not the least of which the long and extensive system of runners that zoysia grass maintains underneath the surface. When it comes to turf supplies for drought-like conditions you cannot go past zoysia and millions of Australians have already hopped on this trend. Zoysia is also perfect for families because it can withstand a lot of foot traffic, meaning if you want to play backyard cricket or touch footy there will be no problem. 

2. Bermudagrass 

Bermudagrass is easy to obtain and lay and it can also withstand the hot summer months. It is unique in that it can withstand more salt than many other types of grass which makes it very valuable for those near the coast. The one drawback is that bermudagrass does not grow well in the shade and it slows down drastically in the coldest months of the year. It will still survive the winter easily enough but you may notice a bit of a less attractive overall green display. This is countered by the fact it grows faster than any other species in summer and looks incredible. It is another species of grass that can take a beating from the whole family and still flourish.

2. Couch

Couch grass is perfect for homes with large backyards over an acre. That is because couch grass grows very quickly and can spread out so if you are trying to keep in contained in a small urban backyard you might have some issues with your neighbours. However, it still has excellent heat tolerance and can take anything the Australian summer can put it through. This type of grass can be a bit more work than the other two but at its best none can compare to the lush green surface that you can obtain through couch grass.