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3 landscape tools to invest in this year

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Every year presents a new opportunity for your garden. By using more effective tools and supplies that improve the health of your plants, you can boost kerb appeal and enjoy a more welcoming space outside your home.

Landscape tool manufacturers are inventing more user-friendly equipment that can breathe life into a dull outdoor space. From pole saws to cordless hedge trimmers, you can get more hands-on with your yard work and even achieve innovative designs that your neighbours will envy. Here are 3 landscape tools that you shouldn't overlook this year.

1. Electric pole saws

Pruning your plants is one of the best ways of controlling growth, removing infected branches, and beautifying the landscape. However, you may be struggling to reach specific plants that are too tall or in dense areas of the yard. Electric pole saws consist of a portable saw that's attached to a lengthy pole.

Some pole saws are as long as 2.5metres and make it easier for you to prune tough to reach areas. Furthermore, electric pole saws use clean electric energy and don't emit any harmful fumes. And because they operate in a quiet, efficient manner, you can spend as much time as you need pruning overgrowth and cleaning up your garden.

2. Pressure washer and vacuum combo

Surprisingly, manner homeowners maintain their yards without using a pressure washer. And while this may work for smaller outdoor spaces, you may eventually need the power and efficiency of pressure washing to tackle tough stains.

New landscape tools now feature pressure washers that can also vacuum dirt and liquids. This two-in-one machine can be used to remove mildew, grime, oil, and other types of stains. After cleaning, the same unit also sucks up debris and spills from the site. Save money and time by investing in a pressure washer and vacuum combo.

3. Cordless blowers and mulchers

During this new year, technology is going cordless. But wireless phone charging isn't the only cordless trend you can expect to see. When cleaning up leaves from your yard, you can use one machine to collect the leaves and shred them into mulch.

Cordless blowers come with a powerful battery pack that can blow leaves into one pile, collect them into a storage sack, and grind them up to provide nutrients in your garden. And because the technology is cordless, you can reach the furthest corners of your garden without emitting fumes or waking up your neighbour's baby. Throw away that old leaf rake and embrace the power of cordless blowers and mulchers.

Learn more about these tools by contacting landscaping companies.