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3 Common Problems With Push Lawnmowers And How To Fix The Issues

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A push lawnmower is a piece of indispensable equipment when you need to cut grass on your residential lawn. A perfectly manicured lawn can improve the aesthetic value of your property while ensuring that you adhere to different property codes. Many homeowners ignore the routine maintenance of lawnmowers until the devices fail while on the job. However, some problems may not be foreseen by the owner until they occur. This article examines common problems with lawnmowers and how to fix them.   

Check Spark Plug — Have you ever tried to start your lawnmower multiple times without success? What you get is the occasional sputter of the engine. Alternatively, the engine might start but die immediately or after a short while. The reason for these problems might lie in the spark plug, which generates the spark responsible for igniting fuel. A malfunctioning spark plug is the main reason why lawnmowers fail to start. You are advised to check the spark plug during the annual maintenance. In some instances, the device requires a cleaning and a minor adjustment that can be done even by novices in a matter of minutes. However, when the spark plug is worn out, you have to replace it. The manufacturer's manual can be helpful when looking for the right spark plug for your lawnmower.

Get Rid of Clogs — Over time, dirt and debris from grass and soil end up clogging the lawnmower, causing the appliance to run slow or eventually lose power. The dirt blocks cooling fans and air filters that allow clean air into the engine. The result is that the engine will overheat and lose power after some time. The dirt and moisture can also penetrate the fuel line, causing the mower to sputter. It is advisable to rid the outer components of dirt and debris using compressed air. Use a combo of water and dishwashing soap to clean inner components such as air filters. In case the dirt is in the fuel line, you might want to drain the old fuel and replace it with clean fuel. 

Check for Stuck or Locked Starter Rope — Sometimes, the starter rope of the lawnmower may get stuck when you are trying to start the mower. In most mowers that use the rotary mechanism, the starter rope is linked to the cutting blade. Therefore, when the blade is jammed up, the rope will get stuck. In this case, remove the debris from the underside of the mower and try to restart. Besides, failure to lubricate the lawnmower at the recommended intervals can cause pistons to seize, locking the starter rope. Add oil as required to prevent the starter mechanism from locking. If these steps do not work, you are better off consulting a lawnmower repair technician for further troubleshooting.